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  1. Bon cher Maître, au finish, vous n’avez pas daigné donner une seule définition, de ce que vous définissez par « poésie ». Ne seriez vous qu’un bla bla bla bla bla bla? Pour dire vrai Human Ressources, vous ne faites pas plier les branches, à Aruba, avec des vents comme vous, les branches pousseraient comme ailleurs, tout à fait en liberté.

    1. Jim, one more thing, for consistency’s sake, have you ever tried to use the Jonah tale to convince militant Islamists to forgive their grudges and forgo killing ambassadors over youtube videos, or kindergarten teachers because their students decided to name the class teddybear &#d;162Mohamme8’?

  2. Anon 1130You are mistaken. The Parents In Charge Foundation is a 501(c)(3).Citizens United has absolutely nothing to do with this. Whether an entity has 501(c)(3) status is a matter of tax law. While there may be constitutional issues around that, they were not addressed in Citizens United.

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    2. From my long ago adolescence, a Yeats parody:W.B. Yeats Visits DisneylandLet bleak, aged Byzantium crumble,And shrouded Venice sink into its mire!From ruins the droves are born and stumble,We, sewer rats of middle-class desire!

  3. Conversa fiada desse coveiro dos INFERNOS.O que eles querem, é calar a nossa boca,obrigar a nos indentificarmos.Querem acabar com o anonimato, para nos amedrontar, mais não vão conseguir.Izabel/SP

  4. Shabazz "I got a question for you anonyturd: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CONSERVING????!!!"Money. I conserve money, and live a decent respectful way of life that i can be proud of. you must be the same shameless dumb shabazz in the New Panther Party who tried to stop folks from voting. LOL..YOU are definitely NOT a plant. you sound just like him. yeah, it'll be good to no longer be part of a race with uneducated ignoramuses like you. but i feel sorry for all of your gang-banging kids who don't know you are their father.

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