Vers un bouleversement de notre modèle alimentaire

Le modèle alimentaire des pays riches, sans précédent dans l’histoire de l’humanité, n’est pas généralisable. Il faut donc en inventer un autre qui soit durable, tant en termes de santé que de protection de l’environnement.

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12 réponses à “Vers un bouleversement de notre modèle alimentaire

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  3. This sounds like I'd love it! I'm bookmarking the blogspot for when I have more peace to read. "In my head, the city looks like a cross between a 1940s Art Deco metropolis and Victorian London." – somewhere around there, I was grinning like a kid. 😀 (This is Loopy from the AIAC forums btw, hi!)

  4. This last part sounds a little over the top: “I'm very excited about working with you. I think we're a good match.”* * * * * *Drake,That’s why I wrote it. Becuase I thought some people might not know to say this. If you think it, say it. Everyone wants to hire someone who’s totally excited about the job. You make yourself more desireable by telling the hiring manger that you really want the job.–Penelope

    1. . I can only assume that he’s not just lying. Th78&e#r21e;s no reason to believe he wasn’t saying what he actually thought. But I do agree in both this case and the case of Last Guardian that the devs in question should have just said something along the lines of “We didn’t feel it was a good fit” instead of spouting their sexist and/or ill-informed opinions and that would have been just fine.

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